Whether it’s your website, online ad campaigns, email newsletters to existing clients, or traditional media, we will skillfully put the right message in the right place to reach your customers and to maximize your budget. Let’s parter in planning and placing - online, print, and beyond. 




The Congruent Process quickly binds us together in a mutual understanding of what you stand for and your goals. It also helps both of us understand the make up of your potential clients. We’ll make sure your campaign messaging is in line with your goals and speaks directly to your prospective clients. 




Digital and print designs will bring life to your business's branding and advertising. Attractive and inviting designs will speak to your target clients with authentic messaging and well executed campaigns. A consistent quality to the look of your marketing will nurture client trust and loyalty.




The Congruent Process

As part of The Congruent Process, Essential Congruence develops effective marketing strategies and advertising that integrates what matters most to you, your business, and your clients.  Capitalizing on your strengths and understanding the specifics of your target customers are at the heart of this process. We will determine messaging that is congruent with your brand and with the needs of your client base, as well as implement an advertising plan respectful of your budget.  


... is a byproduct of engaged people


    Engaged people connect, interact, attach emotionally, trust, and are productive 




... with your brand and employees


    Explore the story behind your business and clarify the “why” behind your brand 


... with your business


    Advertise to grow your client base and nurture ongoing sales and positive interactions 


  How exciting to work through this process together and make great things happen.

Let me do this for you!

Essential Congruence LLC serves businesses and organizations seeking to define a powerful brand that fuels employee engagement and brings life to their advertising campaigns. Let’s create messaging in line with the story of what you stand for and engage all the people necessary for the success of your business.

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