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Essential Congruence LLC was founded on the principle that personal engagement creates joy and productivity ... in business and in life. 

I am deeply engaged when interacting with you about your personal story and aspirations for your business and organization. It motivates me to bring my experience, education, and ideas to the table in your behalf. I strive for creative vision, strategic planning, and the eye of an artist in our work together. I have worked at advertising agencies in Amarillo for the last 28 years. A love for applying psychological theory and research to employee relations, branding strategy, and team development strengthened while earning a Master’s Degree in Psychology. I look forward to hearing your story and working beside you to reach the goals you’ve set for your business and future.

 An important part of my story is that it gives me the opportunity to tell yours.

Let’s get to telling it!

Sharon Gongora

Sharon Gongora
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